[CMake] Changing Project Name

Sylvain Benner benner at virtools.com
Fri Feb 8 04:48:33 EST 2008


> Hi
> I have a project workspace helpers.dsw which I create through CMake. 
> The CMakeLists.txt file for helpers contains commands
> add_subdirectory(vpcl)
> add_subdirectory(vthread)
> vpcl and vthread folders contain their respective CMakeLists.txt 
> files.This setting adds the project named ‘vpcl’ and ’vthread’ to 
> vhelpers.dsw. Here the project name by default is taken to be the name 
> of the subfolder vpcl or vthread. Is there a way in CMake by which the 
> project name can be changed to something other than the subfolder name 
> say vpcl_new.dsp and vthread_new.dsp?
Does the following example work ?

in CMakeLists.txt of your vhelpers project:

in CMakeLists.txt of your vthread project:


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