[CMake] Does cmake work with clearmake ?

Brandon J. Van Every bvanevery at gmail.com
Mon Nov 13 13:20:45 EST 2006

Nags Venkat (nags) wrote:
> Hi,
> Just new to cmake.
> We are evaluating cmake for building multiplatform (linux and MS windows)
> targets using gcc (linux) and MS VS 2005 (ms windows). Since we have
> existing infrastructure in clearmake for windows, just wanting to know
> if cmake can be used with clearmake ?

If you mean "has some kind of special interface for clearmake," no, 
CMake does not "work" with clearmake in that sense.  CMake is a 
standalone build tool.  It doesn't try to provide special / fancy 
interfacing to any other build tool; building stuff is CMake's job.  So, 
for any build system you may have had previously, you'll have to learn 
how CMake does things, and then do them the CMake way.  CMake is a 
straightforward architecture, so this is merely laborious, not 
complicated.  CMake is certainly much easier than GNU Autoconf.

If you mean "can call clearmake somehow to trigger off a sub-build," 
sure, CMake can do that with any tool.  For instance, Chicken Scheme 
still has 2 build systems, CMake and GNU Automake.  The latter is legacy 
and will be phased out eventually, but for now we still have to maintain 
it.  We build a distribution by generating a CMake build and then typing 
"make dist."  First CMake fires off GNU Automake, so that certain files 
are created that are needed for the distro.  Then CMake does the rest of 
the job.

If you want to look at concrete examples of this, grab Chicken Scheme 
from http://www.call-with-current-continuation.org .  Much of the build 
is documented in tutorial fashion.  Chicken is a modestly sized project, 
about 75K lines of code.  It is large enough to need non-trivial CMake 
features, but small enough for those features to be intelligible.

Brandon Van Every

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