[CMake] multiple project hsaring the same files.

Alexander Neundorf a.neundorf-work at gmx.net
Mon Sep 26 07:36:15 EDT 2005

> Von: Luca Cappa <luca.cappa at i-medlab.com> 
> Hello, 
> i have 2 executables that share some source files. With the old version  
> of CMake (Feb 2005), when compiling the entire project, the .o files  
> were built one single time, i.e. the time the second executable's  
> sources were compiling, the object files already generated were being  
> used. Now they are built once for any given executable, doubling the  
> compilation-time. Any hint? How to reuse the object files already  
> generated (without creating a static/shared library of course)? 
That's a new feature. I think the only thing you can currently do is to 
create a static lib and link to this lib. 
Or cmake would add support for something like the libtool convenience 
libs, i.e. a collection of object files which can be reused by apps or 
shared libs. 
> Besides, how to compile a single .cpp file? I was used to issue the  
> following: "make SourceFile.o", but now it does work no more :\ 
Which version of cmake are you using ? Works here with cmake 

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