[Cmake] Subdirectory dependencies

Bill Hoffman bill . hoffman at kitware . com
Tue, 11 Dec 2001 12:17:55 -0500

Another options might be to create a new target in the makefile.


So, for building dashboards and systems that have errors, you
would do this:

make -k allforce

For end users of the makefiles the cmake produces, they will expect:

make -j4  

to work.

If the project has errors, or is being built in by a regression testing system,
it could be built like this:

make -k allforce


At 12:57 PM 12/11/2001 -0500, Brad King wrote:
>> Recently, someone made each subdirectory depend on the previous one,
>> in order to solve some multi-threaded issues.
>>    SUBDIR( a )
>>    SUBDIR( b DEPENDS a )
>>    SUBDIR( c DEPENDS a )
>>     ->   b depends on a, c depends on a. If b fails, c can still
>>          build. b and c could be built in parallel.
>This had already been implemented as a "SUBDIR_DEPENDS" command, but I
>recently removed it in favor of the automatic approach.  Since all the
>projects we had been using it on didn't have compiler errors, we didn't
>We'll look into it, but I'm guessing we'll have to put back the old
>SUBDIR_DEPENDS functionality.
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